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About Us

From our humble beginnings in 2016 to regional offices all across rural Kenya, Spark Possibilities is always evolving to consistently drive value to both our customers and employees alike.

Our Story

Our journey begins in 2014, when our founders Hal Peters and Bayan Monadjem both became aware of the impact of solar projects in rural Africa.
Hal was in the process of transitioning away from his day-to-day job in telecoms and finance.

Mid 2015
Upon Bayan's invitation, Hal travelled to Kenya to conduct some field research to assess the business potential of what is now Spark Possibilities.
December 2015
Both Hal and Bayan agreed to set off an adventure to build the foundations of Spark Possibilities. Over the next coming months, they focused purely on building a strong corporate structure, a value driven business model and a strategy for scale.
September 2016
Spark Possibilities officially launches and sets of on its mission to make their customer's life better.
April 2023
During the next 8 years, Spark Possibilities is able to make energy accessible to thousands of households in rural Africa by always building on their product offering, developing their team and strengthening the end-to-end customer installation process.

Our vision for the future

We are dedicated to building on our strong foundations, making energy more accessible to those that need it and providing a work environment that truly develops and grows local talent.

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