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Our People

We have developed a company culture that is always sparking curiosity and creativity within our employees, helping them to unlock new possibilities in their professional development.

Our Mission

Our management, employees, associates and suppliers represent our values of integrity, trust, accountability, respect for our customers and their environment.

Our employees and associates are deeply important to us because without their full engagement we cannot achieve the values that reflect the quality of our products and services that our customers expect and trust. That is who we are and that is how we excite.

Celebrating Our People


Team Leader

I joined Spark Possibilities 4 years ago. Looking back through the years, the company has made me grow professionally and personally. If I talk of approachable management, Spark Possibilities gives us an environment to point out issues and speak our minds.


Team Leader

I joined Spark Possibilities 4 years ago. Looking back through the years, the company has made me grow professionally and personally. If I talk of approachable management, Spark Possibilities gives us an environment to point out issues and speak our minds.


Team Leader

At Spark Possibilities, I have learned the achievements of a team are the result of the combined effort of everyone. Also, Failure is not to be feared, rather it is from failure that most growth comes.



The experience has been life changing. Working with the team has taught me to be pro-active, and to do business with an aim of not only making profit, but also to sustain the business for future generations. Taking care of customers and employees is why l love this company.


Managing Director

The development of sub-Saharan Africa requires a massive deployment of electricity to homes and businesses. Delivering reliable clean energy products within the world’s carbon budget while addressing the needs of rural households is our focus. We’ve worked hard to make Spark Possibilities among the best companies to meet rural household demand with an experience that instills confidence with our customers as they transition from fuel energy to solar energy.


Field Operations

I have learned that success is not all about how much you sell, it’s how you sell and how much difference you make to your customers’ lives.


Field Operations

Spark Possibilities has made me grow professionally and personally. Management supports employees to become better versions or themselves. Spark has a very proactive approach towards its employees’ wellbeing.


Business Operations

The experience has been worthwhile. Being in this company for the past 5 years has taught me that it is not what I get, but what I have become and contributed to this great company that gives meaning to my life.


Business Operations

I always wanted to work in an organization with a fresh approach and Spark Possibilities offers more than that. I can’t say enough about the outstanding working experience. The ability to come up with prompt solutions for any challenges facing our clients. Listening, and analyzing various situations, and giving solutions while being accorded higher chances to learn and grow far surpassed my expectations. It's an absolute pleasure to work at Spark Possibilities.


Business Operations

Stability, opportunities, and growth are all important. However, the importance of morale and job satisfaction should not be overlooked; being proud of what I do, and feeling as if my work contributes to the greater good are my whys for working at Spark Possibilities.


Business Operations

Working with Spark Possibilities aligns with my personal desire to see people’s lives changing. My key responsibility of people development has enabled me impact individuals directly to realize personal growth. With Spark products, I am delighted to be part of the process of impacting families’ general way of life by providing affordable clean energy that benefits the health, education, and economic growth.


Business Operations

I joined Spark Possibilities 6 years ago. Looking back through the years, I can say I made a good choice of a company that has not only exposed me to customer service but also transformed my understanding of gradual growth. What I love the most about Spark is the opportunity it has given me and my teammates to use our diverse skills to suggest and implement unique solutions to the day to day operational challenges. This is what keeps me motivated.


Team Leader

At Spark Possibilities I have learned skills that make me effective at gaining quality sales. With the income I receive from the company, I have improved the life of my teenage children by financing their education.


Team Leader

Spark Possibilities has enabled me to inculcate a culture of discipline, commitment, integrity, personal growth, and development. I’m happy and delighted in working with a very supportive management that embraces a listening and caring attitude towards all the employees.


Team Leader

It has been my pleasure to work for such a great company with wonderful leadership. Being part of the Spark team has helped me stay engaged in my role and challenge myself to improve my productivity. Spark Possibilities provides lots of opportunity in a well-defined adaptable atmosphere.


Business Operations

Working in Spark Possibilities and being part of this community has meant an everyday opportunity to expand my sense of innovation, creative thinking, and thus, problem solving. I have also become a better human being, well placed to understand people, their needs and how best to respond to them all thanks to Spark.


Business Operations

Spark Possibilities enabled me to grow both personally and professionally through various cross functional learnings. Further, Spark has a very proactive approach towards its employee wellbeing with the management ready to support us towards becoming better versions of ourselves.


Business Operations

Career wise, Spark Possibilities has shaped me to be a better person. I can now organize myself and operate with no supervision. If I talk of approachable management, Spark comes first. They give you an environment to point out issues or speak your mind. Spark Possibilities is not just a workplace but a family.

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